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Leather Lore - Common & Exotic Hand-Made Accessories! Click here for a detailed index!


"Bringing History and Fantasy to life!"

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"Anything hand crafted is far more valuable than anything made by a machine. A hand crafted item contains not only the base ingredients but a part of someone's life, their psyche and their dreams."

Jan/Feb 2018: I am running at least 12 weeks on new orders, please be patient as I work hard to catch up. More details on my ordering page!


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I am currently adding a shopping cart! This will take some time as I have to generate a unique button (with many options in some cases) for each and every item here, so many items don't have buttons yet so bear with me! For all ordering details, visit my standard ordering page here.

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      Leather Lore


        "Loads of goods for

         Men and Women!"


      Renaissance and

      Medieval Goods

       - Armor (men & women),

         Belts, Pouches, Mugs,

         Games, Jerkins, Bottells,

         Cinchers; lots More!

      Pirate Stuff

       - Belts, Baldrics, Bags,

         Gun stuff, much More!

      Studded Items

      Miscellaneous Stuff

      Contact Information



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        About Leather Lore


        Album, Photo

        Amazon Wear


        Armor, men's

        Armor, women's

        Art, custom

        Awards & Honors

        Bags & Pouches

        Bags, Messenger



        Barbarian Headbands

        Baycrafters Fayre


        Belts, Medieval

        Belts, Pirate

        Belt Pouches

        Belt, Santa Claus

        Belts, Studded

        Bertha Brock


        Blackbeard Harness

        Black Rock Fest

        Black Roger


        Books & Journals

        Boot Straps

        Bottle Slings


        Bottell Care



        Bracers of Gondor

        Brethren of the

          Great Lakes




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How to Order

How to Order

Click Here or call (269) 548-7160





        Call Me

        Candle Slings


        Captain Jack's

        Captain Morgan

        Care of Bottells

        Care of Leather

        Care of Mugs

        Care of Pitch Items


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        Christmas Deadline

        Cigarette Cases

        Cigar Cases

        Cinchers, Waist

        Cinema Carousel

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        Custom Art


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        Dagger Frogge

       Deadlines, order

        Dead Man's Chest

        Decorative Leather

        Ded Engine

        Derbyshire Faire

        Document Case


        Dragon Map

        Dragon Sightings


        Drink items

        Drinking Horns

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        Face Hoods

        Facts about Pirates

        Fantasy Pouches

        Fender Bibs

        Ferry, Lake Express



        Flags, Pirate

        Flask, Leather

        Flintlock Holster 


        Folder, Document




        Frogges, Dagger

        Frogges, Sword


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How to Order

How to Order

Click here or call (269) 548-7160




        Game Box

        George, Sir

        Gift Certificates


        Gothic, sort of



        Hair Keeps

        Halloween Deadline

        Halter Tops

        Hand Gauntlets

        Hand Made

        Hard End Bags

        Harness, Shoulder

        Harness, Sword



        Helms, Medieval


        Holster, Flintlock


        Honors & Awards


        Horns, Drinking

        Horn Care

       How to Order

        Huntington Ren

        Index 2

        Insurance, shipping

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        Just A Few MC


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        Lake Express Ferry

        Leather Care

        Letter of Marque

        Life in the 1500's

        Lighter Cases


        Magical Amulets

        Mailing List

        Map, Dragon

        Marie Griffon

        Massacre & Feast


        Mayfaire Ren Faire


        Medieval Belts

        Medieval Sword Sling

        Messenger Bag

        Mich Ren Fest

        Miscellaneous Items

        Morgan, Captain


        Mugs & Jacks

        Mug Care

        Mug Straps


        Nasty Bob

        National Treasure II

        New Jersey Ren

        Newsletter Archive

        Northwood Ren Fest


        Order of Red Raven


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How to Order

How to Order

Click here or call (269) 548-7160



        Padding, Bracer

        Padding, Cuff


        Pentacle Top


        Phone me!

        Photo Album


        Pilgrim, What Is

        Pipe Accessories

        Pirate Baldrics

        Pirate Belts

        Pirate Facts

        Pirate Festivals

      Pirate Stuff

        Pitch Care

        Port Washington


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        Prop Work



        Ravenwood Castle

        Red Raven, order of

        Refund Policy

        Return Policy


        Roger, Black


        Rum Rack

        Rush Orders

        Santa Claus Belt



        Scaled Armor Skirt

        Scaled Bracers

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        She-Ra project



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        Shoulder Pauldrons

        Show Schedule


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        SilverLeaf Faire

        Sir George

        Sizing & Sizes

        Skirt, Amazon

        Skirt, Overskirt

        Skirt, Scaled Armor

        Skirt, Strap Armor

        Skullter top

        Smoker Accessories

        Soft Tops

        Spider chain top

        St. Valentine's Day

        Stage shows

        Strap Armor Skirt

        Stronghold Faire

        Studded Armbands

        Studded Belts

        Studded Bracelets


        Sword Frogges

        Sword Harness


        Symbols, Medieval

        Telephone me


        Val Day



        Vessel Care

        Waist Cinchers


        Water Bottle Sling

        Warrior Harness

        Weapon Accessories

        "What is Pilgrim?"


        Wine Rack


        Women's Clothing


        Write Me

        Zippo Cases

        Zodiac, signs of the

How to Order

How to Order

Click here or call (269) 548-7160


Ordering & Shipping Information

Please read and be aware of all shipping policies outlined below.

For Sizing instructions, both standard and custom, click here


Ordering / Payment Options

Mail Checks or Money Orders to:

Leather Lore, Inc.

P. O. Box 232

Coopersville  MI  49404

Phone in your order with your Credit Card!


(269) 548-7160


(Mon-Sat, Business Hours Please, very busy, please leave a message!)

Use PayPal. Send your order and payment to:


  • All prices are in United States Dollars

  • You can write a check or money order made out to Leather Lore for any item and mail it in.

  • Payments are charged when the order is placed. As is typical with mail order practices, orders are considered to be placed on the date payment is received unless other arrangements are made. I will accept a down payment (of typically 50%) to place an order. Full payment will be expected before the finished order is shipped.

  • You can use your credit card by calling directly by phone, or use your credit card via Use this email address as the username: Your card will be charged at the time of order placement.

  • Do NOT send cash. I will not be responsible for payment lost in the mail. Checks and Money Orders are traceable and replaceable on your end.

  • Michigan Residents only - please include 6% sales tax. (Subtotal x 1.06 will calculate tax and give you a new total)

  • I am running 12 weeks on new orders. I am loaded with work. This is in place of the normal 4-6 weeks for now.

    At this point I am not promising any new orders to be completed before 12 weeks time. I am so swamped with orders and that is just at least how long it will take. �But why can�t 2 simple holsters be done quicker?� Please understand that it�s not about how long it takes to make an item, it�s how long it takes to make 50 items that were here before yours.

    Refer to the chart below for this year's ordering deadlines.

    Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery. All products are hand made by me personally and may not be in stock at any given time. Please also be aware that heavy show schedules and mail order workloads can bog me down at times. If you need something by a certain date please contact me and inquire about delivery times! Rush charges may apply. International orders cannot be guaranteed by certain dates due to customs. 

  • Rush Shipping. When possible, items can be shipped overnight if necessary. Please phone for options and fees.

  • Rush Charges. Unless I have something in stock, Rush charges will apply to orders needed within two weeks, and may apply to orders needed within three or four weeks, depending on the complexity of the order and other factors. Rush charge is 50% of the base price. For example, if you order a $40 item and it needs to be rushed, the rush charge will be 50% of $40; which in this case is $20, making the total $60.

  • Holiday consideration. Halloween and Christmas are very busy times of the year for me, and therefore I have established deadlines, which are in the chart below. Orders are also subject to approval.
      Ordering Deadline 50% Rush Charge* 100% Rush Charge*
    Halloween Aug 8 Not Available Not Available
    Santa Belts** Sep 1 Not Available Not Available
    Christmas Oct 29 Not Available Not Available

    * All orders are subject to approval and hence may not be available for prompt delivery. Please call first! Best bet, order earlier! 

    ** Santa Belt deadline is based on the need to have by Thanksgiving.

  • Gift Certificates are available in $15, $25, $50, $75 and $100 amounts and make excellent gifts for birthdays, holidays, and more! Gift Certificates do not include tax, recipients will be responsible for sales taxes where applicable. Certificates can only be redeemed for merchandise from this website, and no change is given. Recipient can redeem this certificate via snail mail or online at this website, and is valid for 12 months from date of purchase. Certificates cannot be redeemed or returned for cash. 

  • Shipping costs Please add 10% of your final price or the minimum amount from the chart below, whichever is higher. This price includes insurance and delivery confirmation where available. International orders are also 10% of your final price, but have a different minimum amount (again, see chart below). Due to the nature of international shipping and customs, insurance and / or delivery confirmation may not be available.

Destination Country Minimum Shipping Fee
United States and Canada $12.oo
All other countries that we are able to deliver to $28.oo



PayPal�eBay's service to make fast, easy, and secure payments for your eBay purchases!
PayPal�eBay's service to make fast, easy, and secure payments for your eBay purchases!

When ordering, please send your complete shipping address, and your email if you would like online confirmation of receipt of your payment.

Please describe including the item number if any, specify any sizes (waist for belts, dress & cup for tops, wrist and arm measurements for wristbands and armbands, etc), and any variables (such as buckles or lace, where noted as options). Click Here for sizing information.

Questions? Just Call!





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Lest we forget...

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PROTESTERS take notice: No animals were hurt or killed for the creation of these products; leather is a by-product of the meat industry! If we didn't make stuff out of it, it'd just get thrown away and wasted!

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